Fostering Program

What is our foster program you ask? Our foster program was developed to allow us to have access to various top quality lineages for our breeding program, while not having to keep too many dogs at one time in our home. Miniature Schnauzers are a very people oriented breed and they not only desire, they require and thrive on lots of human interaction. They want to be a part of the family and get tons of one on one attention, and that is what they deserve. Anyone that has ever been owned and loved by a Mini Schnauzer will totally understand this. :)

To satisfactorily run a successful breeding program, it requires more than simply owning a dog or two of each sex to breed and sell the resulting pups for money. That is jo blow backyard breeder who knows nothing about the breed or proper breeding practices. Responsible breeders need to be able to access various compatible quality bloodlines in order to be able to produce healthy intelligent puppies in an effort to create one's own distinguishable bloodline, while striving to improve upon the breed. To do so with any amount of variety of pedigree would involve keeping many dogs in our home, since we do not have kennels and all our dogs are family members, and most sleep in bed with us. We do occasionally lease dogs to infuse new bloodlines, but we will not ship our girls and stress them out to have them bred, they are our pets first and foremost.

We love all our dogs very much and we find it very hard to part with and place retired adults in alternate forever homes, once their short breeding career is over. We have done so in the past, and probably will have to again at some point, but that stress on everyone is very much reduced if we can have access to our dogs for breeding that are raised in their own individual family homes. Mini Schnauzers want to go everywhere with their people. Every dog wants to sleep in bed with us. Every dog wants one on one attention, to go for walks and car rides and trips to the beach etc, but the more housedogs on premises, the less individual time each dog gets. The foster program allows for all the extra love and attention that our babies deserve, while still allowing us access to quality breeding stock for the future.

So to be fair and not have too many dogs at one time, we have come up with a win win situation for everyone, and that is our foster program. Essentially, for a minimal foster fee paid up front by the foster family, we as the breeder will place a select pick of litter male or female pup/dog with you the foster family, for you to raise and care for as your own under the breeder's guidance, while allowing us the breeder full access to that dog for breeding purposes, according to the terms and conditions set forth in a signed foster agreement. Full terms will be discussed with all approved potential foster candidates and the individual circumstances surrounding each foster dog.

Even though the pup/dog is in our foster program, it is still being raised by you as your dog. You are responsible for its well being as well as its actions, so you must raise the pup to be a well adjusted socialized adult. Actual registration papers will remain in the breeder's name until the foster period is up and terms have been completed. When the foster requirements have been met and the breeder gives permission for the dog to be spayed/neutered, once that is completed at the foster family's expense, the foster family must then sign our adoption agreement for retiring fosters, and the dog's registration papers will be transferred to the foster family at the breeder's expense, and the foster family's breeding obligations to the breeder will be over. The owners are then still responsible for that dog for the rest of its life and all normal ownership conditions still apply as per the signed adoption agreement.

Not all puppies grow up to be what was hoped for as a breeding prospect, so that is why each pup/dog will be evaluated on a regular basis. If for any reason at a later date the breeder decides not to use the pup in their breeding program after all, the foster family will then have 30 days notice to choose and complete an option offered by the breeder. One option could be for the foster family to pay normal pet price (minus the foster fee already paid) for the dog, have it spayed/neutered at the foster family's expense with breeder's permission, and sign a new pet purchase agreement with the breeder. The other option is to return the intact dog to breeder and as long as the dog is healthy, all previous contracts will then be null and void. If the dog is not healthy due to any sort of neglect, as deemed by the breeder and/or the breeder's vet, any/all vet bills to get the dog back to health are the responsibility of the foster family. If the foster family wishes to enter a new foster agreement with the breeder, that can be discussed, and if so, the previous foster fee will carry forth to cover the next foster dog. However if the foster family and/or the breeder decides that fostering another dog is not a good idea at that time, the original foster fee is non-refundable.

You understand and agree that a foster dog may potentially be removed from a foster family by the breeder with no notice if any part of the foster agreement is breached by the foster family.

If you live in PEI and you feel you may be interested in our foster program, please fill out our foster application below and it will be reviewed. Not just anyone is cut out to be a suitable foster family, who must work very closely with the breeder to ensure the dog's upbringing and wellbeing for future breeding. If we feel you may be a suitable candidate for fostering, you will be contacted with more details and it would need to be further discussed via phone and in person before a decision is made. If we feel you or your circumstances are not suitable, you will be contacted with a simple thank you for your interest. Our foster program was not created so that we can have dozens of extra dogs to endlessly breed, it was created so that a few select top quality puppies may occasionally be placed in safe loving responsible homes so that each puppy gets the optimum amount of attention, socialization and training, in their own individual home. This allows for optimum care for the very best puppies, by a few very lucky approved foster families, while the breeder retains access to their very best bloodlines without having too many dogs residing on the same premises.

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